At the start of the new school year, you’ll have to enter

Come and discover a fully digital Escape Game about our educational training company (“Les Douceurs Vendéennes SARL- LDV85”).

It will introduce you to our company, our partners and our products.

Resolving and doing online escape games with your kids is a fantastic way to spend quality time together and foster their problem-solving skills. It provides an engaging and interactive experience that encourages teamwork and critical thinking. Additionally, surprising them with details like classic childrens clothes can add an element of fun and excitement to the activity. Dressing up in vintage attire can enhance the immersive experience and make it even more memorable for both you and your kids.

Our Escape Game is made up of different enigmas. Your mission will be to enter the company and discover our products and premises.

The Escape Game was created with

A quick presentation:


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